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Elizabeth Montana

Welcome to our website! I am the owner and tour designer of Dream Italia boutique tours. I have spent many happy years discovering the known and hidden treasures of Italy. Since my first trip to Italy when I was 17, I developed an insatiable love for the people and places of this magical land. I lived and studied in Florence and through my experiences and personal Italian connections, have developed customized boutique tours for small groups to allow others to experience a deeper interaction with this enchanted land. With a background which includes working as a travel agent, set decorator in film, international trade show, meeting and event organizer, along with my lifelong love of Italy, I bring my own special care to insuring your trip is full of your own wonderful memories and the beauty and richness that is Italy.

Elizabeth Montana

(From left to right: Elizabeth & Elena)


I was born in Bergamo, northern Italy (in the region of beautiful lakes). For more than 15 years I have been working for people and with people coming from all over the world. Travelling is my passion. Thanks to my language studies and to my tour director licence obtained in Perugia, I could achieve many of my dreams such as living and working in some of the most beautiful cities (Perugia, Bologna, Rome and Florence) improving the historical, geographical, gastronomic and artistic knowledge of my country. Sharing with people all these beautiful experiences is today the focal point of my professional life.


Mission Statement

To provide deluxe boutique tours of authentic
Italian experiences bursting with memorable, fun-filled activities that sing to the senses and emotions.

To touch the cores of our beings by breathing in and feeling the endless sensations of Italy.

To immerse ourselves in the Italian way of life –
food, wine, cappuccino, village markets, art, history, language, design and unimaginable beauty.

To allow ourselves to slow down the hectic pace of life, to have the time to dream and experience the magic of Italy.

We are waiting to welcome you to your trip of a lifetime!

Castles & Vineyards Tuscan Wine Tour

Castles & Vineyards Tuscan Wine Tour

Join us and let your dreams unfold.

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