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“Italy must be on everyone’s top five list of places to visit, so why not turn the list into reality by allowing a trusted agency to do all the work so travelers can have all the fun? Dream Italia offers a variety of trips, each focused on a region of this beautiful country. Traveling in small groups of about 14 people, Dream Italia tour guides lead tourists through castles, vineyards and Mediterranean resorts; through Florence, Naples and Tuscany. All one has to do is show up. And if pre-planned trips do not stir any excitement, Dream Italia is willing and ready to build a new package, customized to fit the needs and desires of travelers. So bring friends, bring family or mingle with new people on this incredible adventure to the cities of love.”
- 303 Magazine

“Montana partnered with an Italian woman (…) and the two launched Dream Italia. Its tours are different than most because of the insight the two women have into the hidden nooks of Italy.”

- Denver Daily News
Dreaming of Italy Leads to Dream Italia

“Elizabeth Montana’s company, Dream Italia, was born (…) and she has never looked back. Much of her time now is spent taking others to Italy. They spend time (…) on cooking tours, they visit vineyards, they tour museums, village markets, castles, they hike the countryside. In short, they live the dolce vita.”

- Denver Post
A Dream Come True

“This reporter will admit it was a little difficult writing this story after hearing of a private boat along the Amalfi Coast where visitors jump from the deck into the glorious sea and enjoy a delicious Italian picnic on the coast.”

- Denver Daily News
Dreaming of Italy Leads to Dream Italia


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