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Italian Love Stories


Due to popular request, we have refreshed a previous Dream Italia newsletter on great Italian passions.

Here, in honor of St. Valentine’s Day, we retell a few of the stories of powerful love with an Italian connection.

Tragic Love in the 16th Century

Perhaps the most famous love story of all time, is the William Shakespeare tale of star-crossed lovers from Verona who must give their lives in order for the Montagues and Capulets to stop an ancient grudge. The language that Shakespeare used to communicate their love for each other was so poetically written …
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Exile in Capri in the 1950s

Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet, was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1971. At just 19 years of age he published his first book: Crepuscolario. In 1927 he entered the diplomatic services. He lived through the experience of the Spanish civil war of ‘36-’37 which indelibly marked the poet’s soul. Pablo Neruda came to Capri in 1952 with his lover and muse, the Chilean singer Matilde Urrutia, whose long-term love affair …
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13th Century Inspiration for the ”Divine Comedy”

Dante and Beatrice first met in Florence when he was nearly nine years old (1274) and she was just turned eight. She was dressed in soft crimson and wore a girdle about her waist. Dante fell in love with her at first sight and thought of her as angelic with divine and noble qualities. He frequented places where he could catch a glimpse of her, but she never spoke to him until …
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Enduring Love

Carlo Ponti, the film producer who discovered Sophia Loren, launched the movie icon’s career and whose more than half-century romance endured threats of bigamy charges and excommunication, died on January 9, 2007. He was 94. Ponti produced more than 100 films, including “Doctor Zhivago” But it was his affair with the young ingenue Loren that captivated the public. Loren was only 15 – and 25 years younger than Ponti – when the couple met in 1950. Ponti was married …
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